It's thyme for this poet to take it full ...

It's thyme for this poet to take it fully professional

Jan 18, 2022

It's on!!!!!!!!!! Full alignment coming through!!!!!

Last week I discovered that was I operating out of the guidelines of Patreon with my NFT membership offer. Since then I've taken down my page there and built out my profile on this wonderful platform. Now that this is set up I feel ready to start the work of building this into a thriving art business. I've been on this path for the past 12 years and now it really feels like the pieces are in place to move fully into my power. Usually when going through the process of development I would have feelings of misalignment that came out as procrastination which was a result of the process of not quite knowing exactly what to do. I stuck with it and followed my intuition to the next step that presented itself to me. Now all the energy is syncing up and the portals to financial abundance are open. This profile is going to be a gateway into success dedicated to the work of the most high. It's my intention for the success of this business to be a model for how an artist can thrive in the 21 century as an independent artist. After the model is fully dialed in I'm going to offer the blueprint for free to the world because I want to see thriving artists everywhere. My financial abundance will come through the success of the model and the massive out put of art that appreciates in value as my brand grows.

The creative class is on the rise. Join the foundation of a 21st century art brand by becoming a member on this profile. At the $33.00 tier you will receive a monthly NFT package, at the $3.00 tier you will be entered into a contest for that months NFT and if you buy me a unicorn you will be entered into a contest for that months NFT.

The first 130 Subscribers to sign up at the $33.00 tier will receive the first NFT I ever minted. A pack of Dank PHART Trading cards.

Thriving artists are rare like unicorns let's fill the world with both!!! Buy Me A Unicorn!!!!!

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