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Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024

Jan 01, 2024

Interesting times looking back and moving forward!

I use Buy Me a Coffee as an “Out of Band” publication that points to my other projects and undertakings, for those interested in finding those things in one spot, and who may as well be interested in tossing some coffee money into the tip jar. This is not a hard sell post so I will leave that there.

As I have mentioned here and there, I am leaving the legacy Social Media platforms that we all know and may not love, favoring a return to the Good Old Days when we could self-publish, be creative, and make the internet a fun, informative thing. Blame my early days at Netscape where I learned how the internets work, which is something many have forgotten I think.

There are four weekly audio programs as I type this post late on 31 December 2023, more interesting stuff to come for 2024 and after, probably more aimed at the Las Vegas area but not everything is Vegas (not always obvious when you are here).

Feel free to share this profile for others who may be curious, even on your own Social Media platforms of choice. Or, as some relevant websites and other stuff become available, interact with those and tell your friends! The way it should be.

So again, Happy New Year, let us make 2024 a great one!

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