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Adding some stuff!

Adding some stuff!

Jun 27, 2021

My to-do list has been append-only for too long, in the next week or two the set of items pending should yield some actual output, even if they are only version 0.9beta or so.


For the time being I've added a couple of named web projects and a software tool project, as they become available I'll update my profile page here with actual links.

One project I've been quite bearish about for far too long is my real return to publishing a self-hosted web log of some kind, and I've settling on a publishing scheme that I've thought about since I first started using Tumblr, is the object-oriented publishing approach. A video, audio, chat snippet, plain text, photo(s)... there are more objects than that (I'm more and more interested in the goings-on at Schema.org ), so why not enable publishing (creating, editing, etc) of this expanded set of objects with broadly accepted structured-data associated with them... anyway, it's something I'm playing with the moment. More to follow...


I've added Cash.app, Zelle, and a direct paypal email address as options on the profile page. As I've stated frequently, my revenue generation goals are rooted in software projects (which you'll find linked on the profile page), but I do live in Las Vegas and so I know too well The Language of Gratitude... as a wise old woman once said, "You don't ask, you don't get."

Proceeds will go toward coffee, coffee tools, and perhaps a coffee meetup if you find yourself in Las Vegas! CES 2022 is fast approaching.


There are a few newsletters linked from the profile page, and there may be a few more coming down the pike, but they may or may not be published via Substack and/or Revue. Construction of newsletters is not so easy with these two platforms (not difficult, but there are a few things I would change), so as part of the publishing platform idea I mentioned above, I would like to enable a newsletter workflow and put it into service.

If you are interested in the newsletters already publishing today, they will likely remain for some time, but part of the near-term goal is to return to self-publication, making use of home-grown software developments and integrations on top of the embarrassment of riches we have before us in the way of web services and platforms... well, there is no reason not to build tools and outputs that are as we would have them.


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