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How to make image banner clickable in Shopify Dawn theme?

Nov 07, 2023

You can also use this instruction to make the image banner clickable for other Shopify's free themes.

Required: You must add a link to the button link of your banner.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to do it.

Banner Without button and texts

  • Go to your Online store > Themes > Edit code.

  • In Assets folder, open base.css file

  • Copy this code below, add it at the bottom of base.css file and save the file

.banner__buttons .button,



.banner__content {

width: 100%!important;

height: 100%!important;

max-width: 100%!important;

padding: 0!important;

position: absolute!important;

top: 0px;

left: 0px;

opacity: 0;

bottom: 0px;

right: 0px;

margin: 0px !important; }

You can check the preview result from this link.

I hope my solution worked well for you!

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