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Aug 28, 2021

While jobhunting about a little over a month ago, I came across a job listing for digital artists. The job was to make minimal, faceless portraits from reference photos and incorporate a quote. To qualify, the artist will have to make a sample from a given reference. If they like the work, they will pay the artist and onboard them.

This is what I made in six hours:

There's a million things I haven't done, just you wait.

They liked it. I got accepted, and I waited for them to send the set of guidelines for artists.

One week later, I was going to make my first project. Another week had passed, I still had not received my pay for the Hamilton piece. :(

For that first project, I decided to use script as the picture was of a couple with a very serene background. Using a playful font felt like it would ruin the romantic scene. Well, the internal team did not like it. So I asked for the guidelines they were supposed to send, and carefully reviewed them.

  • Apparently, artists get paid $5 for a single-person portrait like the Hamilton piece, and $6 for a couple portrait. That is, if they submit the output in 12 hours. If done it within 24 hours, the artist receives one dollar less. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wondered then if they knew and compared their rates with the ones in the market.

  • They said they trust the artist's vision, but restricts the artist from using a font they want, based on their own interpretation. All for the sake of uniformity and consistency. If they wanted such, where's the art?

  • Artists were not allowed to post their work on their social media pages. :(

  • Lastly, these are terms they did not mention earlier, and terms I definitely did not agree to. There was no contract nor a verbal agreement.

So, I quit. I won't stop learning and improving my craft. Thanks to family and friends for your encouragement, and to the nice and supportive internet people. ♥

Dear artists, employees, anyone: Don't settle for less.

And to clients, employers, the ones who pay for anything offered or rendered: Don't lowball.

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