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1WOW How is it July already

1WOW How is it July already

Jul 23, 2021

I don't know where 2021 has gone already! Oh wait yes I do! I have spent it learning to build a website! It has been a hell of a year so far and I will be honest I had no idea what I was getting into! Its been an exhausting, humbling experience! I picked up an amazing thing along the way and for the first time in my life I will absolutely tell you that I don't know! I found myself facing my dreams crashing and burning before they even got to fly free when one mistake (that still hasn't been figured out as far as I know) caused what I call a catastrophic moment on my first website! You know that its bad when support tells you and I quote we don't know what you did, wait what were you doing tell me again, my response in tears as I was looking at the screen, I just tried to change the font color! I took out almost my entire site changing the font color!!!!! And before anyone has the nerve to tell me that I should have just hired someone, its a trigger for me those words, because the whole reason that I was doing it myself wasn't because I wanted to it was because the person I hired, and yes I did it through a service, disappeared with the money I had set aside for it!! Despite the fact that opening my own little online bakery and getting a chance to do what I do best and send it out for people to enjoy on my own terms was a dream it was really around 3 years earlier than I had planned to even start thinking about it! But one thing that I am to my core is tete dure (hard headed) and I refused to give up! I have walked through the fires of hell it feels like to be sitting here tonight and knowing that when I landed at another platform for my website and they basically picked me up and dusted me off and gave me exactly what I needed! A place to build it, learn, build it again, and now the third time! And when that now notorious tech glitch bone that I have comes out to play they have the tenacity to help me figure it out! There is so much more and this is really starting to tell you my story backwards! But I have to tell it!

Welcome to my world!!!!

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