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A Cision Block Module For Nuxt

A Cision Block Module For Nuxt

Jan 13, 2022

I have just created a small module which can be used to display pressreleases from Cision using Nuxt.

The module can be configured to set the base slug for all news articles and a lot of other options. Later this week I will publish a npm package for this module.

Installing and using the module in nuxt is very easy, first install it:

npm i --save nuxt-cision-block

Add the module to your nuxt.config.js, here you can also add any desired options:

'modules': {
'nuxt-cision-block', {
id: 'A275C0BF733048FFAE9126ACA64DD08F',
basePath: 'ir',

Finally use the PressFeed component where you would like to display the feed:

<PressFeed />

The repository also contains a docker file that can be used to test the module:

git clone [email protected]:Cyclonecode/nuxt-cision-block.git
cd nuxt-cision-block
docker-compose up
// Now you can check it out by going to http://localhost:8080 in your browser

It is worth noting that I still consider this to be a work in progress, but still I think it works pretty nice at the moment.

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