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Still waiting

Still waiting

Nov 20, 2022

Still no power. I’m a bit defeated and feel somewhat insignificant to the evil electric company. My landlord called a Board Member at the electric company and they called the CEO. I had to go through everything all over again for hours yesterday with someone who is a customer advocate. That persons leadership won’t resolve the issue and the advocate can’t do anything. A complete waste of time. It’s bitterly cold out and windy. It was 28 degrees last night, high of 38 with 20 MPH winds today. I need to go get more kerosene. The kerosene heater works amazingly well and I found a tractor store that sells it much cheaper than the hardware store. 5 gallons for 50 dollars instead of 62 dollars now I’m just trying to figure that all out. I need some coffee and I need some power. I’m trying real hard to keep myself positive but it’s a bit of a challenge going on day 14 with no power and no end in sight. I managed to take a shower at my landlords yesterday. Kronos and I are hanging in here. I’m hoping this all resolved before I have a mental breakdown. I need to also figure out water for the toilet and pick up more butane for the stove because coffee.

Send love, some funny stuff, and some hot coffee. Love and light to you all. ☕️🩰❤️

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