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Overdue post electric bliss

Overdue post electric bliss

Nov 28, 2022

I was really tired after the power was turned back on. Thursday morning I woke bright and early to clean and go feed some folks with some friends. I spent most of Thursday doing that. Friday, Sat, and Sun were full of cleaning, laundry, and catching up on rest. It’s amazing to be able to shower, use the bathroom, cook, and wash dishes. I will never take electric for granted again. So here’s some shots from the weekend.

Kronos in a basket.

My 15 dollar grocery haul minus the cat litter which was too heavy to lug into the counter. I saved over 60 dollars. 🤩

Now off to call the evil electric company to wrap up some things so this never happens again. Wish me luck because they are painful to deal with. ❤️

Love and light to you all and thank you for everything always. I am loved! ☕️🩰❤️

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