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At home waiting for technician

At home waiting for technician

Nov 16, 2022

That isn’t confirmed to come today and fix the meter. Filled 2 plus gallons of water down at the community beach and hauled them the mile to the house. Cleaned the floors while I have sunshine. Getting ready to rinse/wash dishes and wipe down the bathroom. Need to wipe down tube since that’s where I have been storing the toilet water so I can try out the solar portable shower after it arrives tomorrow. Thank you for the wishlist purchase. Need to figure out coffee money for tomorrow am in case I need to go charge again. Filling kerosene heater for use later this evening. Listening to the rooster crowing down the street. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Getting some progress reports done that are due later this week to NCI/NIH. Yay grants.

Love and light all! ❤️🩰☕️

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