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Introducing Enoobler Memberships

Introducing Enoobler Memberships

Jan 16, 2022

Hello everyone, I am officially launching memberships! This is a way for people to support me on a monthly basis if they would like, where I get 95% of the cut. This is especially here for people who aren't too bothered about a Twitch sub and would just like to show their support, or people that enjoy my other content that is not monetised, like YouTube or my blog. I wrote a piece explaining my current situation and goals here, so I have made this an extra option just in case anyone would like that option. A super helpful way to enable this Noob.

So what is a membership? It is very much like Patreon if you are familiar with that. There are different tiers for different fees. You pay monthly and I provide content. There is not going to be tonnes of content but there will be bits to thank you for your support.

Level 1 - You will get weekly behind the scenes posts of bits and bobs that I have been up to. Whether that is emotes in progress, random clips from upcoming YT videos, sneak peeks at stream updates or just random thoughts or insights about what I am doing. You will also get credited at the end of my YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Finally, you will have access to an Enooblers Anonymous channel in my Discord!

Level 2 - You will get the above benefits plus a fortnightly update post, summarising everything that I have been up to in the last couple of weeks in one place.

Level 3 - You will get all of the above benefits, plus memes.

Alien Isolation - I will play Alien Isolation on stream through to the credits.

And that is all I've got so far! I am very much going to be learning as I go. If you do not want to sign up to a membership but would like to give a tip, there is the traditional 'Buy me a Coffee' way. You unfortunately wont get the membership benefits for that but any donation at all is immensely appreciated by me.

If you are only here because of one area of my work and are wondering what other things I am speaking of, you can check out my Biolink here if you would like, where you can find everything that I do in once place! There is quite the backlog of content there and I hope to continue to work full time producing more :)

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