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Dec 02, 2021

Hi everyone! I realise that I have never (I don't think ) made a post on here, so I thought it was about time! My name is Laura but everyone calls me Noob, and I have a Youtube Channel called CtrlAltNoob as well as a twitch channel at CtrlAltNoob0. I love creating content and I adore playing games, so I put in as much time as I can trying to create!

I currently work very small hours at my regular job for a small wage, and put the rest of my time into streaming and other content. Any and all support goes further than you know, it would be my dream to make this sustainable enough for me to earn enough to pay my bills. Everyone has been amazingly generous so far and given me the confidence to even have this dream <3

There are many ways to financially support me, mainly twitch subs, buying merch, and donations. If you ever wonder the best way to support a streamer, they usually get the biggest cut from donations! Any and all support is appreciated massively <3

If you can't support financially, follows, likes and sharing content to a friend that may like it are great ways to help a streamer grow!

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