Halloween and some Thoughts

Halloween and some Thoughts

Oct 30, 2022

Before we get to our pièce de resistance, a few things I would like to recommend to y’all. Check out Chucky on SyFy. This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I think y’all know that I love Horror films and shows but the Child’s Play movies were never my cup of tea. I was more of a Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street kinda girl but both these seasons of this show are fantastic. Season 2 is currently on-going and this is excellent horror comedy with excellent representation of trans and non-binary people (which I honestly didn’t think was possible in this genre). Also, how in the world does Jennifer Tilly look that good at almost 60? I also really liked Dahmer on Netflix. I found the outrage around it being classified as LGBTQ really stupid. The LGBTQ tag came from the POC LGBTQ movement in the last few episodes and not because Dahmer was gay. Evan Peters was excellent and certainly deserves much better than a stupid boner joke in an average Marvel show.

Now on to some serious stuff, what’s been going on with me at work – also known as the reason I haven’t been on Instagram recently. So, after my heated meeting with my boss, she put me on probation for a month and I have to meet certain quotas if I am to continue in my job. I will be honest, I think she has it in for me but I have some supporters at work and they have volunteered to help me out. Not sure how much influence they will have on the final decision but it is good to have some supporters. My final decision on December 2. So, win or lose you guys will be the first to know the outcome on the morning of the second.

Now for what this post is actually about – Halloween. For those of you who have spent time getting to know me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Now, I don’t want to speak for all trans-people but if I had to guess, Halloween would be the favorite holiday for most trans-people. It’s the one night of the year where we have the excuse to be and dress as someone else and usually that someone is someone we admire. I still remember when I dressed up a Britney Spears for Halloween when I was 13. This was back in 1998 and the single and that iconic music video had come out just before Halloween. In fact, it was September 28, 1998 now that I looked it up. Jeez that was so long ago, I feel so old. Kids these days probably have no idea what it was like to see a hit pop music video on MTV or VH1 back in the day. It’s all Spotify these days. Hell, they probably don’t know what it is like to buy a CD.

My dad hated seeing me in a mini-skirt, knee-high boots, a tied-up shirt and a blonde wig but he let it go just because it was Halloween. Plus, at 13, I was still early in my puberty. A lot of trans-folk exhibit their gender dysphoria early in their childhood and I had displayed some traits myself but still it wasn’t very overt and largely whatever signs I showed my dad just passed it off as a phase and tolerated it…wasn’t he in for a surprise lol.

Anyway, that was part 1 in 1998, for part two we go to the year 2000, this was the same year that the first X-Men movie came out. You can probably who I dressed up as in Halloween if you were around at that time. Most people probably have forgotten but Rebecca Romjin’s Mystique costume was incredibly popular and if you haven’t seen it one look at it would tell you why. So, there I was dressed in blue (though not nude) but with blue face paint and my fake boobs to boot. This time my dad was a lot less accepting but still allowed me to go outside in that outfit due to some intervention from my mom. It’s been 22 years but yeah, that was a fun night. It was the first time, I aroused some interest from guy…until they found out who I underneath all that make up.

For part 3 and this one my dad really hated because I was 17 at the time…almost 18. By the way, my birthday is coming up, it’s November 12. So, it was 2003 and Beyonce’s song Crazy in love was huge. So, there I was a 17-year-old boy wearing cut-offs and a white tank top and a cheap wig. There was no mistaking what I was going for but my dad wasn’t the most in-tune guy with pop culture. So, seeing his son dressed up like that was shocking for him. I wasn’t allowed to go out of the house but I was already in college and just visiting home for Halloween So, I thought might as well go through with it and snuck out. By this time, I had had my first kiss with a boy and we did a whole lot more that night *wink wink*

My first Halloween in college was in 2004. Well, okay, because of things that have happened recently, this one is a little difficult to admit because it kind of sort of involves a person not very popular with the trans community at the moment. But I am not going to beat around the bush, this was the year the third Harry Potter film came out and I had just begun reading the books – I know I was kinda late but believe it or not a media series with witches and wizards in not very popular in deeply religious West Virginia. So, of course, I went as Hermione. This was also one of my first college parties and I am happy to say Hermione hooked up that night.

Between that and before I started transitioning, Halloween’s excitement sort of wore off on me. I guess it does for all people as they get older, certainly for people who are presenting as men. My first Halloween after I begun transitioning was in 2014. Gee…I wonder if there was a song played repeatedly everywhere you went during all of 2014? So, yeah, for the first time in my life I dressed up as a Disney Princess Elsa. It wasn’t a great costume but for the first time in my life I got to be a Disney Princess for a night. So, it was a great night.

I shared this years’ Halloween pics on Instagram today. I know, it’s not Halloween yet but due to my situation at work, I had an early Halloween this year. I hope your Halloween goes great too. Thank you all for contributing to my mom’s health insurance premium. You guys literally saved her life. Unfortunately, I thought I was done begging for money on here but I have zero job security at the moment and wouldn’t know my fate until December 2nd. So, if you could help me out with a couple of bucks, I would really appreciate it. Asshole bosses really suck!

P. S. @Ken Miller can you leave tog IG handle pls even if you don't buy a coffee. You have been so generous and I would like to Thank you.

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