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Mar 10, 2021

Ian Lightfoot - 170 R7



  • Armor - 42729

  • Reality - 94051

  • Normal Crit - 239

  • Fantastic Crit - 199

Ian’s red skill provides fantastic crit stat, so at 170 it will become +95, so it will be 294. He will crit without upgrading BD mods.

Now, see Ian is a good counter to mulan, louie & he can be used in various setups & his mods totally depend on your use. Personally, I use him to counter Mulan, Louie & to shrink OP toons with high evasion. For this I have given Two SP Mods with Blue skill upgrade which helps me in shrinking toons.

Ian is also a good counter to max by continuously knocking him back & Max has good HP, so you have to keep Ian alive. So, yeah an Armor Upgrade is required because red skill already provides him Reality.

One good thing is his red skill which give Fan Crit & you need only +76 in order to have 100% chance of Super Crit & for this you will need 3 Fan Crit upgrades on BD mods

His green skill is also a nuke & just keep him alive for 4 seconds & with green he can wipe out at least 3 toons, if you give him 4 Green Skill mods as he will crit that damage.

Mod Matrix

Ian - The Damager ( if you have enough resources)

Alternate version of is this if you want to shrink cat, horse just give Two Blue Skill & Two Green Skill

Ian - Survivor

Ian - Another version of damager if you have resources

another version if you are low on resources +24,+24,+12 & +12

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