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Challenger Week 1 - Apr-May

Challenger Week 1 - Apr-May

Apr 21, 2021

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Challenger Weekly Guide Apr-May'21

Bonus Points Criteria

  • Damage Dealt to STUNNED Enemies

    • It means that you need toons who can stun the enemies for longer times & good attackers

    • Or, toons who can increase disable duration

  • HP Healed on attacking team

    • Good healers who can continuously heal your team like Li Shang, L&R etc.

Week 1 Rule

Tenacity is disabled, so need to be careful when using toons as once toons are disabled then, you are done, so you need

  • Hardy toons

  • Toons with High Evasion

Let's see heroes who can stun & will be best to use this season

Good Healers & Must

  • Kristoff & Sven

  • Launchpad

  • Linguini

  • Li Shang

  • Timon & Pumba

  • Clawhauser

I will be posting some Exclusive Teams which can give more points other than Quick Win this season after some testing in 2-3 days

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