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Mar 10, 2021

Belle 160 R5



  • Armor - 39534

  • Reality - 32502

  • Normal Crit - 252

  • Evasion - 273

  • Conservation - 30%

First Mod should be BD with normal crit mod upgrade, belle have already good stat on Normal Crit so definitely normal crit, so need only +8 to have 100% chance of normal crit damage. Also, it will increase basic damage which will help blue skill as Orange Damage can be increased by increasing basic damage of that toon. 

So Second Mod must be skill power mod with blue skill upgrade as it does normal damage.

Now, as long as Belle will be alive in battle, she can provide hardy with every basic attack so go Third Mod should be HP mod with Reality Mod as the current game is filled with OP toons with fantastic damage.

Belle’s Purple Skill can increase her speed up to 75% & in hardy team it can be achieved from start of the battle & with every 3rd basic attack Belle gives hardy to ally so faster the belle more hardy & other toons can be spammed, Fourth Mod will be BD with attack speed upgrade, BD will increase blue skill damage also.

Mod Matrix

Note: Use toons who can give armor to Belle or in later game when Normal damage OP toons will come, give armor mod upgrade

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