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Mar 10, 2021

Angel 160 R5  (In Progress)



  • Armor - 38901

  • Reality - 64314

  • Normal Crit - 194

Now at a present level game if you see most of the heroes do fantastic damage, gone are the days of Mulan, so you should build reality mods on toons but you never know about new toons.

UPDATE: Personally I don't use mods on angel as she really doesn't need mods, she silence, charms, gives invincibility, resurrects the member.

Angel, have low armor & high reality once badges are maxed.

So First Mod will be HP  with an armor upgrade to save from normal damage hitters.

The Second Mod will be BD, now none of the skills do normal damage so no need to put normal crit upgrade. One good point is that angel’s basic damage is good & enhanced by skills & disc & all basic damage is normal damage unless mentioned clearly. So, you can go with crit upgrade but I think it will be a waste of resources as getting upgrades is difficult in-game also. The best shot is to give an Attack Speed upgrade to mod, it will give an attack boost.

Now angel’s charm is perfect so it can be evaded or reduced, so no need to work on Green Skill, I would definitely give purple mod upgrade if you are planning to use angel in silence team as it will boost her Basic Damage, at 230 level she gains 42120 BD per silence & with attack speed boost she can do good damage with a basic attack.

The Third Mod will be Skill Mod with Purple Mod Upgrade only if you are using angel in Silence Team

The Fourth Mod will be BD mod to Spam Basic Damage & in this case, go for Attack Speed upgrade 

If you don’t want to use Attack Speed, then use NORMAL CRIT BUT USE ON BOTH MODS to reach 260 by using fewer upgrade pieces. 

Silence Team

Normal Team ( still in progress )

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