Crypto Intuition

Crypto Intuition

May 04, 2021

I must first say that I am not a financial advisor. I recently started a podcast in order to highlight my journey as a crypto investor. By the aid of a friend, he helped convince me to get started. I had discovered that it is pretty similar to stock investing, with many differences, of course. While you can analyze stocks with fundamental analyses, it is a little more difficult to do so in crypto investing.

I had begun my journey in January and I must say that I had never had so much fun speculating in my life.

It has been quite a journey so far.

And, I hope you will join me in this journey and hopefully, we can grow and learn together.

Ethereum is making the highlights along with Dogecoin. While I own both coins, it is important to know that Ethereum has many use cases in the process of making tokens, Dogecoin's utility is much more debated. Well, you can make the argument that Dogecoin is efficient as a currency. But, with one caveat: know that it is very speculative and if you are not prepared to suffer possible loses in Dogecoin, do not attempt putting in more than you can afford to lose.

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