CryptoArtNet Launches Directory of Artis ...

CryptoArtNet Launches Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt

May 26, 2020

For me, one of the most positive outcomes of the enforced downtime due to the current pandemic was the opportunity to launch CryptoArtNet. This directory of artists making cryptoart was inspired by a year or so of getting to know cryptoartists on Twitter. In fact, I started making digital art so that I too could become a cryptoartist. But the first public outcome of my interest was the creation of CryptoArtNet.

Cryptoart is a relatively new phenomenon made possible by blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts. The concept can be a bit hard to explain because it is an attempt to make endlessly reproducible digital art unique again. The short version is that smart contracts for nonfungible ERC-721 tokens enable a digital form of certificates of authenticity resulting in "rare, one-of-a-kind collectables."

Whatever you think of that notion, it's pretty clear that cryptoartists are a creative bunch as you can see from those who have already created free artist listings on CryptoArtNet. And they are a positive and supportive group as well. I doubt I would have gotten so deeply involved if not for their openness towards newcomers.

Cryptoartists are also an innovative group of early adopters. For example, startups like Roll are currently creating forms of social currency and personal tokens. Cryptoartists have been some of the first to explore the use of "social money" in building their personal networks. These examples inspired me to reach out to Roll to create CryptoArtCoin, aka $CRAC, a form of social money to build community on CryptoArtNet.

$CRAC is currently being used to reward artists for signing up and creating listings on CryptoArtNet. Those adopting earliest get the biggest bags of $CRAC. Eventually artists will be able to use their precious $CRAC to take advantage of upcoming monetization services at CryptoArtNet.

Whatever the outcome of this new project, I am excited about the potential. The early adopters are an outstanding group of artists and they've inspired me to dig in and put quite a bit of time into the site. At the moment, all expenses are out of pocket and there is no revenue coming in. I believe this situation will ultimately change but I also want to give early supporters a chance to come forward and let us know this work is valued.

Thanks for your support whether it's a tweet about CryptoArtNet and CryptoArtCoin or a cup of coffee!

Clyde F. Smith, CryptoArtNet Founder

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