May 25, 2022

Welcome to my page!

I'm writing this on a whim, on a Tuesday night, at the start of what's going to be a mini experiment. I don't know what this page is going to be or how it's going to evolve, but I'm launching it as another way you can support me and see what I'm up to, and I figure I'd start by letting you know what's going on behind the scenes...

In a few months, I move to start school at William Paterson University! I'll be pursuing a Masters' in jazz arranging and composition. This decision was a long time coming and has been fraught with all kinds of stress and excitement, and if you follow along here, you'll get to see a bit of me navigating the challenges of grad school - in another country - phew!

I've been hosting with JazzComposersPresent.com for almost a year now (we launched in July 2021!) and I'm continuing to do that. They're a subscriber-only website so I don't have any exclusive content - but that's the best way to see me in public, and I'll share some of the prep that goes into hosting those events, and how I navigate hosting as opposed to performing.

Those of you who know me likely know my work with Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School, my 19-piece Tinder-prog-jazz big band, and Chelsea and the Cityscape, my jazz-pop sextet. Chelsea and the Cityscape just went into the studio to record a bunch of new music and we're deep into the editing process - hopefully this will be out to the public soon, but I'll try and share a few sneak peeks ;)

And of course, beyond all that, I'm just a thirtysomething, mixed-race, polyamorous, disabled, woman freelancing as a musician and grantwriter, trying to figure out my place in the world. I try and normalize the experience of dealing with mental and physical health and illness/injury, and how that plays into my career as a musician. I don't have all the answers, and I'm not a health professional obviously - but I think it's important to give you a peek behind the curtain so that you know what goes into the magic onstage.

Whether you're here for the quirky behind the scenes or the polished finished product - welcome. I've got lots to share, and I'm happy to have you here however you feel you can contribute. :)

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