Recycling Book Scene 1

Recycling Book Scene 1

Feb 02, 2024

We are now well underway with our recycling book. To pre-order, please visit our website (promo price of just $10 with postage to Australia for supporters on Buy Me A Coffee - type RECYCLE as promo code on web order form). You can see every page on our website - I will select a few to post on here from time to time.

This is the initial image sent to our illustrator, Fatima.

Initial idea

The lines you see are used to ensure that important parts of the illustration do not get cut off. The closer to the outer edge or the centre of the page, the more risk there is, so while it’s usually ok, I have learned from experience to keep away from the edge! Below is what Fatima produced as a first draft:

First illustration

A few issues here: Elijah’s parting needs to be on the other side; coins could do with a $1 added; the Three Sisters rock formation colours need tweaking – then I decided that the YouTube image can be the original thumbnail (Scene 2 has 4 images from our YouTube channel, so it would be too much work getting all of those images right).

Final illustration

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