Recycling Book Progress

Recycling Book Progress

Feb 16, 2024

Hello! In addition to our Schools Book Giveaway (we are giving away 321 books for World Down Syndrome Day), the Recycling book is coming together. We are now up to Scene 5 and you can see how the book is progressing on our website

Initial idea

This scene had to have the bin, so when Elijah's big brother Tom was filming us, this seemed a good screenshot to use.

First illustration

First draft needed a bit of work. We have our bins positioned backwards, but that means the lids are at the front, hence the yellow lid was near Elijah. To give the scene more colour, I asked Fatima to move it to the back. Then we changed Elijah's clothing (I felt the yellow T-shirt under the shirt looked a bit odd) and gave the newspaper a local touch - the Blue Mountains Gazette is our local paper, which we featured in last year!

Second illustration

The bins had to be 3 bins, so the shading was changed. We moved the newspaper round so it could be seen. I know we were not on the front cover, but hey, that's what artistic licence is for! It's a good Easter Egg! Then I decided that this would be a good scene to add Saffy into. Finally, the water bottle was renamed after the indigenous name for Katoomba, 'Kedumba', another Easter egg for those who spot it!

Final illustration

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