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What if earworms are messages

What if earworms are messages

Jul 31, 2021

The other day I wrote about how so many messages for that reading were coming from song lyrics and musical synchronicities. This kind of thing happens to me a lot. Song lyrics are a way that a lot of my guides and Spirits communicate with me. Often times I'll be doing a reading and a song title or lyric will come to me. Some days I wake up and I have songs or words or phrases just stuck in my head, bouncing around. I've always brushed it off, and never really put much thought into it beyond that.

But... why? Why don't I put much consideration into these earworms? Why don't I 'see' them the same way that I see other signs? An earworm is a "catchy and/or memorable piece of music or saying that continuously occupies a person's mind even after it is no longer being played or spoken about" (thanks, Wikipedia). A big part of magical thinking and moving through the world in a magical way is recognizing that there are no coincidences, and that everything that is seemingly random does have meaning. This kind of approach can become problematic when it's taken to an extreme (i.e., "all that happens do you is because you manifest it" or whatever love and light bullshit that comes from a very real sense of privilege.)

[Side note that I've been thinking about: is it just me, or is using the term "problematic" a form of psychic gatekeeping? It can often prevent people from developing their own thoughts and opinions, or doing research. It's something I'm going to ruminate on a bit more, but just some food for thought.]

When it comes to seeing and recognizing signs in our world, a common way to do this is by simply asking for signs, and asking for something specific. But sometimes this means that our Spirits and guides and the universe (whoever/whatever surrounds you that you connect with) will only intercept and connect when we ask for it, instead of stepping in when we are in need of guidance, or unable to ask for help. We always want to do what we can to make sure that our Spirits are comfortable and feel invited in being around (which also means just talking to them and thanking the, and not always demanding that they perform for us). An option to open the door to how your Spirits relay messages is to be open to receiving symbols and signs in ways that make sense to you. I recently read something in a book about hearing conversations you overhear as a way to divine messages or look for signs, and this got me thinking. If nothing is truly random, and I choose to be open to messages, and I trust that the beings around me want to communicate, why am I not putting more weight into the things I hear, rather than only what I see? After all, if you're blind, your signs would come to you entirely through sound and touch. Why do we only look for signs that are visual, when we have so many senses available to us?

I listen to a lot of music. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts and pop music and droning white noise and weird sound experiments on vinyl. The auditory is a big part of my life. It's a big part of most of our worlds, and we're very seldom in situations where there isn't some kind of sound (unless you're deaf, or hard of hearing). Sound is a big part of my life. Why don't I heed the things that come to me through these methods? And why don't I pay attention to the earworms that embed themselves in my mind? Especially since it's almost always right after I've woken up, and am still in a liminal space!

I'm choosing to lean into earworms a bit more, and use these as an opportunity to connect with the divine in a different way. You might be thinking, "Okay, well what if I get some nonsense like Baby Shark stuck in my head?" Well, so what? There are still themes in something as seemingly silly as a kid's song. A song like Baby Shark is catchy, but its words are about sharks, about a family, about existing in the ocean. What does a shark mean? What does the idea of a family mean to you? Does the idea of the ocean conjure a specific memory that is meaningful?

The thing about Spirits is they don't worry about if something might seem silly. They don't care about that kind of thing! All they worry about is if the messages they're sending will connect and make sense to you. They choose symbols and sounds and imagery that will make sense to you, or make sense to the person you're reading for. It doesn't matter if the message won't make sense or click with everyone. It's about how it connects with YOU.

I'm excited to open up to this new way of connecting with my Spirits. They know how to click with me! They give me signs every single day, and I just need to trust that they're choosing this method because they know me better than anyone. They know that I like to write down song lyrics that click with me. They know that I'm always listening to music. They know that I use music to channel magic and energy. Even if it's not musical, they know that I'm a writer, and phrases and words hit with me. They know that I'm drawn to etymology and the meanings of words. THEY KNOW. And your Spirits know you. Listen for messages, look for messages, feel for messages. Your Spirits will deliver, and even if it's in unexpected ways.

Until next time, my darlings!
Trust the mystery.

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