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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Nov 20, 2021

It's Eclipse season! I don't know if I'm the only one, but I feel like the energy everywhere has been chaotic and volatile. I'm happy to be tucked into my cozy house, with my huge chunk of black tourmaline for support. In a lot of ways, my own energy has been chaotic, but it's a bit easier to manage one's energy, as opposed to coping with, or trying to control, the energy of the world around you. We can take care of our energy, and we're responsible for our energy. Our energy is in our control.

I'm never entirely clear on what eclipse season means, but I felt inspired to make this spread. I'm getting into the flow of my tarot practice, and it felt right to make this spread. You can use this spread with other divinatory tools, such as runes or oracle cards. You can also use it in conjunction with other eclipse-inspired spellwork or rituals. I found my own run-through of this spread to be really helpful, and the reading revealed a lot of truths that I've been ignoring.

This spread is inspired by the idea of a lunar eclipse, but it can be used at any time. It is also a really good spread to use over the span of a month, with the first card being pulled on the New Moon, the second during the Full Moon, and the last card pulled during the Dark Moon.


Card 1: Who I am right now / my internal being.
This card may reflect how you've been feeling, how you see yourself, or act as a signifier card. As the caterpillar asks in Alice in Wonderland, "who are you?"

Card 2: What the light of the Moon reveals.
What have you been hiding from? What has been in the shadows, and hasn't been revealed until now? What exists in the shadows that you need to confront and work through, or with?

Card 3: What can I focus on in the Darkness?
The Darkness gives us space to heal, to be alone, to observe and meditate. When the Darkness holds us, what are we being guided to focus on? What healing can we do when we are in this sacred space?

I hope this spread serves you well. Sending you lots of love in these transformative, and chaotic, times.

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