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Moonday Magic #3

Moonday Magic #3

Dec 13, 2021

Happy Monday my angels! I hope that you're feeling rested and comfortable in your body today. I've been taking advantage of my self-employed status and listening to my body. I've been going to bed when I feel like (usually around 12 or 1 AM) and waking up when I feel ready. I've been waking up around 10:30 or 11. As such, I've been feeling rested. My body isn't constantly exhausted, so I'm able to actually think. I've been more inspired, which means I've been making some art, and writing hasn't been feeling like a total slog.

Along with letting myself rest, I've been working primarily from my kitchen. My studio/office has not been feeling like an especially inspiring place, and through a conversation with my Mom, I realized, "Hey, I'm not obliged to work in my studio. I can work anywhere I want!" This might mean working from the couch (where I was getting a lot of work done), or working from my kitchen counter.

My lesson lately has been, "Why fight when there's a better solution?" I'm learning to not fight my body or my nature. If I'm most creative in the kitchen or curled up on the couch, why don't I work in those spaces? No one benefits from me trying to work in my studio. I certainly don't benefit from trying to make it work. I just end up miserable, bitterly grinding myself into a painful bought of creative block.

Have you been fighting against your nature when you don't need to? Have you been pushing yourself into a creative or energetic block? How can you shift so that you can get back into a flow that feels healthy and beneficial?

Remember, it's not even about productivity. It's about putting yourself in a position that feels good. Doing what you can to help yourself feel healthy and good, and inspired. Oh, while we're on the topic, don't check your phone first thing. Get up and stretch and drink some water. Move around, and think about your dreams. Then you can interact with the world. But give yourself some time between the sleeping realm and the hectic digital realm to just be you, and just be human. You're allowed to just... be.

Today's cards are coming to us from Wyrd Sisters Oracle by Casey Zabala (a shiny new deck I just procured from my favourite shop in Salem, HausWitch), and the usual Smith-Waite deck (I don't know what it is- no other deck likes reading for other people as much as this deck does).

From the Wyrd Sisters Oracle: Mirror, Reflect. For this deck, I do read predominantly from the guidebook (the Grimoire, as Casey calls it), because it's just so lovely. This card jumped out of the deck, and I wasn't going to read it, but my husband said, "That bodes well!" I trust his intuition, so here it is.

"In the flurry of major transition, we often forget to tune into who we are becoming. Take the time to embrace your reflection in a mirror. Give yourself time to gaze into your own eyes, to take note of the shapes of your curves and lines. Reflect on all that you've been through up to that moment in time. Shower yourself in appreciation for being a human, for being alive!

Suggested magic: leave a mirror in the view of the full moon overnight, letting it soak up the moon's reflection. The next day, spend five minutes gazing into the mirror and reflecting on your personal transformation."

Well, if that isn't in line with what we were just talking about... "Shower yourself in appreciation for being a human, for being alive!" And not just any human. You're YOU.

For our two tarot cards, we have two reversed cards. King of Pentacles, and Justice. These cards share a lot of visual similarities. We have two regal individuals, sitting on thrones and holding two objects.

The King of Pentacles is enrobed in, and surrounded by, nature. Their robes are adorned in grape motifs, their crown is adorned in flowers. Bulls, reminiscent of Taurus, are carved into the throne. Nature is all around them. They sink into nature, becoming part of it. They hold a pentacle and an object like a sceptre or a mirror.

Justice is completely separated from nature. There is nothing natural in their realm; pillars sit behind them, with a cloth that separates them from the world behind them. The sky is the same colour as that of the King's card (a vibrant yellow), but we don't see any other aspect of the world around this individual. In one hand, they hold aloft a greatsword. In the other, they hold scales.

The King of Pentacles has a lot of visuals that are reminiscent of Taurus, and Justice is a card often associated with Libra. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. I just think this is interesting because Venus is going retrograde soon. The last Venus retrograde ruined me, so I'm approaching this retrograde with nervous anticipation.

These cards feel like two sides of one part. Nature and man-made. All man-made things come from nature and are a part of nature, but we separate ourselves and our creations from nature. Yet, as we know from our bodies, we are animals.

These cards, especially in their reversed position, have a lot to do with listening to our nature, and not removing ourselves from the natural world. These cards remind us that we may be a bit salty about our reality, but we don't do anything to actively change it. These cards, especially Justice reversed, ask us to look at ourselves critically, and see what we can do for ourselves to actively benefit ourselves and the world. It's easy to pass the blame onto everything and everyone around us, but maybe we have more agency and control than we think.

These cards are reminding us to come back to our bodies. What do we need spiritually and emotionally in order to benefit our bodies and vice versa? How can you reimmerse yourself in nature, and remind yourself that everything is part of nature? Experiment with animist ideas, and remind yourself that everything you interact with is part of nature because everything has come from this planet. Everything is connected, and we play a vital part in the connection.

What's Going On This Week

Yule is just over a week away, and Christmas isn't long after that. It's a weird time. I'm trying my best to find joy in everything I do, but I definitely have my fair share of sad moments. I'm still grieving, and I'm giving myself space to experience that. Remember, happiness and sadness can coexist. They don't cancel each other out.

This is the first year that I'm planning on doing something special on Yule. I'll be making a Smoking Bishop (a Victorian beverage with mulled wine, mentioned in A Christmas Carol), and my husband and I will be watching a really spooky version of A Christmas Carol. I'm also planning on doing some more baking this year, so I'll be gathering the necessary ingredients.

And, of course, I'll be continuing to sleep in whenever I can.

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