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Moonday Magic #1

Moonday Magic #1

Nov 29, 2021

Hello, my darling! I want to offer a quick apology for adding yet another email to your inbox. I've been feeling a bit... bombarded, so I hate to add to the noise. But it feels important to deliver something that isn't trying to sell you anything and isn't another Black Friday / Cyber Monday / whatever email. It's a bit psychically draining to be confronted by all of this... stuff. This time of the year is already a lot, and some of us are feeling it more for a myriad of reasons. I don't feel especially happy, or fulfilled, and I feel like I'm being told by society that in order to feel happy or fulfilled I should be buying stuff. Which, obviously, isn't true.

Happiness isn't really the goal, but feeling some kind of sense of satisfaction and calm is a worthy thing to attempt. After all, I reckon feeling calm and fulfilled is pretty damn close to happiness.

Some things I like to do to feel a bit calmer and fulfilled, amidst the ocean of noise
-unplug and go for a walk in nature
-do activities that make me feel like my authentic self (effortless activities that conjure that sense of satisfaction. I like researching, making textile art, baking, going to art galleries)
-drinking coffee and writing (I use coffee as a general term for "hot beverage of choice". Lately it's been coffee with essences, but I've also been on an apple cider kick)
-dancing to my favourite music (especially if it's unhinged dancing that's a touch embarrassing)
-playing games with friends
-doing anything that doesn't feel like a total struggle

If you ever want more inspiration, check out Marlee Grace's weekly newsletter Monday Monday. Marlee is forever one of my favourite artists, writers, witches, and all-around creative individuals. Her weekly newsletter is something I look forward to and will relish reading. Honestly, she's one of my great inspirations for how I want to conduct my life.

One of the hardest things I'm feeling; communication and posting are up significantly, but it's not like we're really interacting with or relating to each other. It's just pressure. Pressure to buy, pressure to compete with giant conglomerates, pressure to be someone else. No one needs that kind of pressure. It just creates a sense of loneliness and emptiness. In the spirit of real connection, magic, and fulfillment, let's talk tarot. Let's talk connection and self-worth and self-magic.

So... I pulled these cards after I wrote everything above. The Smith-Waite deck was already shuffled, but I didn't know what card was awaiting us. Then, in shuffling the Astral Realms deck, this card fell from the deck and landed face up. Come through Spirits!

The two cards we have are the 2 of Wands reversed, and Smoky Amazonite / Abundance / Regulus Star. The 2 of Wands reversed is described as being about moving into new territory, consequences of a choice, and excitement but also nervousness, but when I pulled this card the theme and vibe that came through was taking station / being stationary / staying where you are. Staying put. Looking at the micro instead of the macro. Combining all of these together, this 2 of Wands reversed is telling us to make choices that benefit us locally (especially the local that is our core self) and look at concepts with new perspectives. It's not about literally moving. It's about expanding into new territory of consciousness, of self. This card is telling us to grow.

The Abundance card is so fitting. This card is from the Astral Realms deck, which combines the language of crystals with the language of the cosmos. The themes of this card are gratitude, visualization, and mindset. This card is solidifying those themes of growth, and encourages us to look beyond the accepted norms. Abundance is not just what we have. It's what we believe to be possible. The more we allow ourselves to grow, the more we can see what is possible. Lately, I keep coming back to metaphors and allegories around childhood. Think of when you were small. You couldn't reach certain things, like the cookie jar on top of the fridge. The object of your desire was out of your reach. Now that you're older, you can not only access those previously inaccessible things, but you can see beyond. You can conceptualize ways that you can not only access the cookie jar but can make your own cookies. You're no longer limited by what has already existed in the world. You are in control of your own domain. You don't need to listen to capitalist ideals that tell you what you need in order to be happy. You can create your own happiness, your own satisfaction, and direct yourself on your own journey of wellbeing. How marvellous is that?

What's going on this week

At the moment, the Moon is waning, and soon we'll be in the Dark Moon phase. This is a great time to get cozy, and further reflect on what brings you the most comfort and satisfaction. The Dark Moon phase encourages us to look within, and bring focus to our innermost needs and desires. If you've been feeling overwhelmed, try leaning into the Dark Moon energy early. The nights are getting longer, and our bodies are craving rest. You're allowed to take time and lean into self-exploration, self-care, and whatever you need to keep going. On Wednesday, the monthly Dark Moon Gathering is happening, hosted by my dear friend Sea. If you haven't attended a Dark Moon Gathering yet, they're really lovely (and chill) digital gatherings that allow us to connect and share space with each other during the very magical Dark Moon. Each month follows different themes and intentions, with this month carrying the theme of Transformation. The gathering is pay what you want / what you can, including a free option if money is tight. You can sign up here:

December 1 Dark Moon Gathering at 8PM ET

You can also join the Discord group we started, and get access to past months' workbooks, which include tarot spreads, spells, rituals, and more.

Join here: Dark Moon Discord Group (the link expires in seven days from the initial post, but if you ever want to join, just email me or DM me on Instagram)

Moonday Magic

For a while, I was calling these posts Card of the Day, but I think I'm going to try to make them a weekly thing. The name "Moonday Magic" has been rolling around in my head for some time, and it feels right. I'm one of those people who does not dislike Monday (Moon day). For me, it's just another day of the week, and I tend to get a lot of good work done. Plus, when I start my day with these kinds of posts, it feels like a really good warm-up and a good start to my day. Sure, it's already after noon, but that doesn't matter. I hope you'll enjoy receiving a weekly tarot reading and some other lovely things in your inbox. I like connecting with you this way, and I think we can all use a little bit more connection like this.

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