Psychopomp Stories: The Adventure Contin ...

Psychopomp Stories: The Adventure Continues

Jan 23, 2023

Hello, friends! I hope this post finds you well in your lives. I am excited about this one because I have been quietly working on the concept for quite some time. Would you like to see a video trailer for it? (By the way, if you like is 100% possible because of your support. This is what the sound card, the gopro, and some editing tools that came with both are making possible for me to produce. Thank you.)

A New Vision is Born (from an old one)

If you recall, a few months ago I did a 'test' of a show called 'psychopomp stories' where I told you about closing a gate to hell in New York. There was so much positive response and it felt so right that I just went ahead and started up a brand new show dedicated to telling these stories. I even built it a little hype website:

Back in the day of my emergence to the public as Katie, I was beloved and known for talking about my adventures. Some of you who are here from then will remember that. I had to stop talking about them a) because they were so dark and horrible and b) to protect the planet. I even took down my entire old library. It was that intense. I really missed being able to be out there about it and I know people missed hearing what I had to say.

In the last few years of being quiet, the internet has changed. Technology has changed. You bought me a go pro. I have grown up. I have had time to process what is happening to me. Now, having matured and with all of the amazing new things that make creating more polished projects easily. I realize. I want to record these stories as part of the 'the story'. To chronicle the esoteric truth of this planet and our connection to it. It is my objective to create and contribute to the human library that gets carried over for generations.

Would you like to hear my stories?

I will cross post just a few of the pyschopomp stories here when relevant. For the most part, I am giving them a space of their own to grow. This allows me to make 'Crow Medicine' more about astrology and self-connection. Earth stories (esoteric earth, as I am now calling it), will emerge from the psychopomp stories esoteric earth stream that is now FLOWING!

I have just released my first two instalments of 'Psychopomp Stories'. They are 20 minutes each with new instalments coming out weekly on Tuesday (with the first two weeks released now).

Ep 1: The path of the Crow

Ep 2: The Grotto of the Magdalene

I am sending this out to you to let you know that and to invite you to listen.

To access: There are a number of ways to listen. All the same as what you get with Crow Medicine. I have an apple channel now called 'Esoteric Earth' that you may access here (it houses links to both Crow Medicine and Psychopomp Stories)

For the spotify and apple links:

I also have the web player through anchor. You may access that here:

For now, it may be hard to search my podcast. The best thing to do is get on the mailing list (at the Esoteric Earth website), to subscribe through apple or spotify (it is free), or to check out my new 'buymeacoffee' site that I created for the project. There are going to be 'extras' with this one that may be appealing to some of you. Check it out if you feel so inclined:

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