Guided Meditation to Relax & Unwind

Guided Meditation to Relax & Unwind

Apr 08, 2023

This is a guided meditation to relax and unwind. It is perfect to release stress, ease anxiety, and create a feeling of inner peace. Use it at the end of a day, as part of your weekend self-care plan, or for an anytime moment of regeneration.

The Process

We begin by slowing down our breath. From there, I guide you through a calming and relaxation activity inspired by the peace we feel in nature. Working with healing white light energy, you build yourself into a regenerative white light cocoon. While encapsulated here, you relax and unwind. You release any stress you may be feeling. You fill every cell with regenerative energy. When you are done, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. You will have connected to that space of inner peace. You will have left the stress of the day (afternoon, evening) behind you.

Envision yourself in this forest glen, in a bubble of white light releasing stress, anxiety, and worry.

Click here to access the meditation as well as some further self-connection suggestions that those of you who have been working with Soul Compass or Energy Pillar may like to do to extend the practice:

On that note. Are you a person who got Soul Compass or Energy Pillar?

You are probably noticing that you are starting to get more our of every meditation you do. Your visualization and self-connection is improving. Take a moment and appreciate how what you are building helps you get into activities like this meditation more quickly + with more impact. As you practice 'energy pillar' or when you work with the materials in Soul Compass (especially part 2), you are working the metaphysical 'muscles' in your energy body-physical body so that they are able to connect more quickly and impactfully. You feel its pay offs in moments like this. Congratulations for taking this time for you.

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