Guided Meditation: Achieve Your Goals

Guided Meditation: Achieve Your Goals

Mar 31, 2023

Did you know that I have been releasing a new meditation and self-connection practice every Saturday? Saturday Morning Mediations happen each week at 9 am est (or around 9 pm for my Australian and south of the Equator friends). The goal of Crow Medicine Meditations is to get diverse, fun, and practical meditations out there for anyone to work with to improve the quality of their lives! I release them on Saturday with the objective of encouraging people to take a little 'them' time on the weekend.

*** if you tried out any of my earlier meditations and were not pleased with the quality. I was learning how to work with sound and video equipment in new ways. Things are a lot better now :). ***

Having said that. I would love to invite you to join me tomorrow at 9 am EST or anytime thereafter to participate in a guided meditation to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

Meditation is a powerful tool that we may work with to achieve our goals. In this video, I lead you through a guided visualization process where we set and achieve a goal. This can be a personal goal, one about a job, money, education, or developing a skill. Whatever is important to you at this moment!

*The Process*

Starting off with our breath, we get focused and set our intention to dedicate this practice to setting and achieving your goal. From there, we get into visualization mode and go for a walk through a forest. As we get to different clearings, we meet components of what we will require to achieve our goal. As we continue you get to the top of a big hill and experience meeting your goal.

Having generated this positive goal setting and goal meeting energy, we ground it into your material world as we wrap up the meditation. You have set the energy conditions for success. Now get out there and remain diligent. Keep going at grounding what you perceived. I believe that you can do this.

Care to join in?

The video will be here at 9 am EST tomorrow AM! Guided Meditation to Achieve Your Goals - YouTube

Do not feel like that this week? I have posted 4 new ones, each designed to bring you into connection with a different part of energy or yourself. Crow Medicine Meditations - YouTube

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