Connecting to the Universal Love Harmoni ...

Connecting to the Universal Love Harmonic Meditation

Jan 02, 2023

Hello, friends who are also supporters. This is a little 'self love' harmonics meditation that I re-recorded after receiving some of your generous support. In addition to the gopro, I was also fortunate enough to acquire a sound card and a new device to synchronize my speech and videos with music in two as opposed to 4 steps. It was a huge quality of life and quality of creation improvement.

Click here to check out the 'new and improved' love harmonic meditation. All the instructions you need for it are right in the video.

I have been doing a lot of research these past few months about how to improve my music and video meditations. There will be more like this and in some different forms. You, my supporters, are the reason I can do this equipment wise. THANK YOU.

I am seeking suggestions on meditations that people might find useful in their day to day lives. Please send in suggestions of what you wish you had a meditation. If I have the inspiration, I will happily produce it.

Meditation for Self Love - YouTube

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