A Message of Reassurance for Tough Momen ...

A Message of Reassurance for Tough Moments

Jan 17, 2023

A message of reassurance for those experiencing challenging moment in life, emotion, and energy. 

Have you been walking the healing path and hit a moment that feels like a break down, explosion, or quick-sand? Do not give up. You are very likely at a major moment in your personal transformation. Stay the course. You are doing a great job. Have strength and conviction in your vision and keep walking. You WILL get there.


One of the great mysteries that people encounter on their journey is this little thing where things seem to get very difficult just as we are doing well on the journey. This is especially the case, it seems, when we are having major alignments (like we are right now). It can be confusing to hear people raving about the great alignments whilst feeling like you are hitting a brick wall yourself. This is a little message for anyone who would like to hear a few words on why energy gets hard in 'good' moments (or when we are on the 'healing' path) and some reassurance to keep moving through it.

Finding yourself tested to the depths of family and friend relations these past few weeks? This is all part of it. You are not alone.

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