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How to create animated STAMPING effect i ...

How to create animated STAMPING effect in Camtasia 2021

May 21, 2021

Creating an animated stamp in Camtasia is possible with just a couple simple components. It also works in Camtasia 2020 and 2021.

In this tutorial I'm showing how you can create an animated stamping effect, transparent, with a grungy look, from a simple annotation and a few effects. This component is then reusable, it can be added on your other projects, saved to library and, if you are using Camtasia 2021, I show a couple of cool tips to make it even more realistic and interesting, as well as more easily customisable. You can, of course use any font you want.

This effect is not using graphics coming from external sources. The text written on the stamp is perfectly editable and I'll show you at the end how you can make it customizable in Camtasia 2021 using the quick properties and add it to library ready to reuse. One thing that I want to do before I animate this is I want to make it look like a bit of grungy kind of thing where it's showing a bit of texture so it doesn't look so boring.

The way we achieve this in Camtasia is by including a grungy bitmap with a grungy texture, and then applying an effect to it on top of the stamp text, so that it makes it look kind of random and grungy. Then we use a track matte to applies a luminosity effect to whatever is underneath the bitmap track to apply the texture to the text so my stamp is looking very rusty, very sort of weird grungy edges. Then we animate the whole thing, we add it to a group and the stamp is then animated. In Camtasia 2021 you have the motion blur effect for added realism.

Another trick that only works in Camtasia 2021 is then creating the reusable asset by adding custom properties to it, and then add it to your library, and every time you want to apply a stamping effect with a different text or different colours, you can use this self-contained asset. I hope this was useful.

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