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Create a Video Wall with Synchronised Videos in Camtasia 2021

May 20, 2021

Create a video wall with synchronised videos and audio in Camtasia 2021. In this Camtasia tutorial, I'm going to show you a way to create a multi-video grid like those video grids that have become very popular in lockdowns, during the pandemic, recording and assembling concerts, songs or bands, playing music or choir singing in sync over Zoom recordings or over the internet.

So if you have several recordings of people and need to put them together into a single video, arrange them on the screen, this is the tutorial for you. I'm also showing a lot of tips and tricks along the way to make your job easier and also to make the editing more performant and easier to work with in Camtasia.

I think this works also in 2020 and previous versions, but it's actually better in 2021 because it has some features that help you edit faster - such as proxy video, quick properties, improved group editing so you can dive into a group of clips. In this tutorial, I have chosen both portrait and landscape videos, to illustrate the way you can have these types of videos and still able to assemble them together using cropping and snapping, even though they have different aspect ratios.

We create a grid to help arrange the videos and we turn it into a snapping, transparent, protected grid, to make our job easier at arranging everything. Since Camtasia doesn't have a grid of its own, this will serve us more purposes - arranging AND cleaning up the borders of all videos, all at once, at the end. Plus, the grid is customisable, you can change the colour, thickness, style, etc.

This Camtasia 2021 video grid tutorial is packed with tips for recording, arranging, cropping, framing your videos, as well as working with them in a more efficient and organised way.

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