What is "Love without Agenda"?

What is "Love without Agenda"?

May 15, 2024

It is with hopeful optimism that I am writing this year...

“Love Without Agenda” will be my first book and is a call for people, whether they self-identify as Christian or not, to consider love and action as something we are born to do, rather than a vehicle for upward mobility, outreach, church growth or success. It’s a call to see that to be human is to be loving, regardless of the outcomes, assumptions and expectations that we may hold. It is a plea to let go of agenda, and be in the moment, meeting immediate needs and bringing Heaven to Earth in each breath and each heart beat.

I would love for you to go on this writing journey with me and become a member. I’ll be sharing the writing process with you; giving you access to drafts, excerpts, resources, live meet-ups and of course, a signed copy of the final book once it has been published.

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