Self-Care Basics

Jan 23, 2022

I could go on and on about how self-care isn't selfish or an's actually quite necessary!

What I want you to keep in mind, is that "self-care" can be (and in my opinion should be) translated as "to take care of one's self".

We all need to be taken care of, for sure, but we first must learn how to take care of ourselves so that we can allow others to support us in ways that actually feel good.

So let's start with some basics: 7 basics you can start with right now.

  1. Hydrate

    Water is life! Your body is made up of mostly water and keeping your situation adequately hydrated is key. If the taste of plain old water is a deterrent for you, try drinking sparkling water or herbal tea, or add some cut-up fruit to your water bottle (as a bonus, fruit is a source of “gel water”). Water helps keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy in addition to giving you energy throughout the day.

  2. Rest

    You don’t need a bedtime because you’re grown AF, right? WRONG! Lack of adequate sleep can affect your health and your mood. We know it’s tempting to stay up swiping or binging a show but if you can, try to get between six and nine hours of sleep a night. You’ll feel better and your brain will rejoice!

  3. Eat

    We need fuel too. We get so busy grinding and then before we realize it, we’ve skipped breakfast and lunch. I do it too! Sometimes I don’t even realize it until I'm suddenly feeling lightheaded. Be kind to that beautiful body of yours and feed it something yummy. Food is nourishment, not just a chore. EAT!

  4. Take intentional breaks

    So much is happening in the world all the time, it can be hard to step away from the screens that keep us up to date with the people we love, the ones we follow, and current events everywhere. But remember to rest your eyes periodically. Your brain will also thank you for a break from the 24-hour news cycle. All it takes is a few minutes every so often.

  5. Please yourself

    Sorry, not sorry: masturbation is a normal part of life around here. One great way to practice self-care is by giving yourself an orgasm. Orgasms are great stress and tension relievers...besides, your mind and body have a reason to escape. It's a win-win-win really!

  6. Connect with your body

    Times of crisis take a toll on people in different ways (yes I'm speaking to you childhood trauma). And whatever you’re feeling emotionally can work its way into your body, manifesting as headaches, tight muscles, and/or other disruptions. Try working out your frustrations physically. Take a jog. Try kickboxing. Do some energizing stretches -- yoga poses are also good prep work for sex, if you’re in the mood to get freaky. It's just important that you take the time to connect and allow what's pinned up to escape.

  7. Communicate where you're at

    It's ok to be supported even if that support looks like space for you right now. I have adopted phrases such as "I can't FaceTime right now but how does ___ work for you?" and "I'm experiencing a lot right now but I would love to get together with you. Would you mind a quiet lunch at ___?" or even "I have no more decision-making capacity. Please figure out dinner." It's important that you recognizer where you're at and you communicate that with the people that matter to you.

I hope this helps!

xoxo Mau

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