4 Quick Lessons In Self Care

Jan 24, 2022

On this journey I've learned a few things along the way and today I want to share 4 quick lessons I've learned on my self-care journey.

  1. Rest when your body says to rest

    It can be hard learning to listentoyour body but there are some obvious signs you needrest such as short temperment, fatigue, and even procrastination. If you don't learn to rest yourbody will make you rest...and this sucks! We're talking getting sick, pilling something, or worse, so puase and rest.

  2. The Small Things Matter

    I used to think that lighting a candle, putting on purfume, or washing my laundy in something that I enjoyed smelling didn't matter...but they do. All the small things do. Whether that's taking 15 minutes to stare out the window as you drink your morning coffee, or scheduling a bath fillied with your favorite bath enhancements...the options are endless and it matters because it makes you happy down to your soul! So turn on that music, tap into those pleasures, and enjoy the fact that your house smells good becuase you lit that candle!

  3. Don't Dismiss What Makes You Happy

    More of the same (see #2) but seriously, don't dismiss it! If it makes doing laundy better becuase you used a detergent that you enjoy smelling...THEN DO IT! It might be small, but it's worth it. On that same note, it it's domeing that seems big but it's going to make you happy, like going for a girl's weekend or taking a solo vaction, then don't write it off. Find a way to make it happen -- even if it's just once a year. Don't dismiss your desires becuase you see your day0to-day relaity one way.

  4. It’s not always easy or natural ... that’s why we need to practice. (a self-care practice)

    I am aware that it can feel weird at first and again at leach new level, but stick with your selfcare practice. If you miss a day, then try again the next day. If you thought getting your nails done would be relaxing but it wasn't, then at least you tried and you had the experience...you can still try other things. Just keep practicing.

BONUS: Routine Matters

Make a self-care routine that works for you, whether that's a daily morning routine or a weekly bath schedule...make it a regular, non-negotiable practice, that way when you're going through something, you will fall back on your habits of self-care insted of forcing yourself to do it becuase you need a boost. *If you can make taking care of yourself a priority, you will continue to do it even when life gets messy.

xoxo Mau

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