Membership Tiers Moving!

Membership Tiers Moving!

Dec 10, 2021

Hey guys!

So because us creators have been notified that this platform will not be supporting PayPal soon, I decided to move my membership tiers over to my new KO-FI page. So if you wish to sign up for my memberships, please see that page along with THIS POST that inquires more about the tiers.


I plan on opening my mini-shop on my new KO-FI. It's more efficient and easier to see what products you want. I will also be uploading free items on that page and no longer updating this platform with free content. HOWEVER, the free items that are already up on this page will stay up.

Future Updates

I will also be moving the membership exclusive content over to the new platform, but all public updates will be posted on both platforms until further notice. Thank you guys for supporting me either financially or simply following and downloading my free content. It means a lot to me! See some of you on the new page!

Any questions, please email me at: [email protected]

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