May 02, 2022

Happy May Guys!

I wanted to celebrate this month with my members who made this possible. So, for this month's Potatoe Mail, I created large die-cute stickers and a handmade print with a thank you message on the back!

This Potatoe Mail is exclusive to the Productive Potatoe Tier and will not be put into the shop once the month is over. However, depending on restock of inventory, I will make this available to purchase as completely Monthly Members only (so both tiers) but that only depends on inventory. 

So, if you want to snag this month's Potatoe Mail, make sure to head over to my KO-FI Page and sign up for the $5 Productive Potatoe Tier.

May Potatoe Available: May1st - May 30th

-Create-O Potatoe

P.S. If you missed out, here's my recent Studio Vlog!

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