Heading For The Stars

Heading For The Stars

Sep 15, 2021

The Stars Are Calling!

Potatoe is traveling the stars and is sending you a postcard to join! Let's get into what to expect!

Potatoe Mail

Potatoe's Postcard from the Stars

They're wondering what's taking you so long, so they've gone ahead and sent you a postcard on what you're missing out on. Make sure to read the message on the back. It's a message written by Potatoe, with a caution!

Storyboard Stickers

There are two (somewhat fragile) storyboard stickers from Potatoe. Use the peel off from the back to get a good peel and stick them where you want. These aren't my usual stickers, since they're meant to be more like little story stickers of Potatoe's adventure. (this means, unlike my usual stickers, they are not weather or waterproof so choose wisely where you stick them!)

Holographic (We're Headed for the Stars) Sticker

As the title suggests, we're headed for the stars so suit up! In a special package, I have a holographic sticker for you guys! This is quite a thick sticker than what I usually give. It is weatherproof. I wanted something that I knew reflected the idea of the theme this month!

Desktop & Mobile Wallpapers

Now available as an extra: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/createopotatoe/e/43667

Now for the Photos!

Let's get into the visuals! Here's everything to expect by the end of next week! I hope you like what you see!

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