April Calendar | Schedule

April Calendar | Schedule

Apr 05, 2021

Happy April everyone!

So, I wanted to start doing a monthly calendar for what to expect instead of you getting random emails with surprising news (I mean sometimes that's still gonna happen because I love surprises) but as for membership and free material that I have planned, I wanted you guys in the know! You will be able to find the current month calendar pinned on my homepage if you ever need to revisit and get to it fast. So here's what to expect this month! (calendars are always subject to be updated or change per circumstances)

Productive Potatoe | $5 Tier

April 9th - My Shop Update [Part 1]

This update will include exclusive footage as you get to see the behind-the-scenes of me slowly putting my shop together. There are some new products that I've been able to buy thanks to all the support, so when the shop is finally live, you guys would have already been a part of the process with me.

April 23rd - Pretty Boiz Collection Update

I'll be touching on the character I'm currently working on. You'll get to see the sketching process along with footage and audio of what to expect from my characters and generally, how everything is going. I'm even going to give some helpful pieces of advice

Sweet Potatoe |$2 Tier & Free-to-the-Public

April 6th - Public Sketchbook Update

If you're new to the party, this is a free-to-view sketchbook that I keep updated. Maybe you'll be inspired. 🤔

April 7th - Brush Blog

A blog post about the go-to brushes I use, along with details about brushes that I find interesting like "the cloud brush" and Procreate's default, semi-new "medium brush."

April 14th - Coloring Trick

I'll be giving you guys a free video of a nice simple trick I've found when coloring my pieces (as some of you already know, color palettes are something I struggle with). I'll be focusing on a cool function in Procreate that helps with this along with providing advice on how to utilize this same feature in general art programs like Photoshop!

April 16th - Youtube Video

An announcement of my new youtube video that's up to view!

April 20th - General Update

This is just as it sounds. I'll give you guys some general updates of what I'm working on along with posting some answers to general questions I tend to get in my Instagram & Facebook DMs that I believe can help some of you guys out. This includes; tablets to get you started, advertising your art business or products, platforms to look at, etc.

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