Let's Create Your Music Business Plan

Let's Create Your Music Business Plan

Apr 06, 2022

Your music business plan is your guiding compass for succeeding as a business person in your creative pursuits. It's one thing to be a musician, but it's another beast entirely to succeed as a business. A music business plan helps you plan a business strategy to achieve financial goals. It forces you to look at your music as a business and challenges you to identify strategies to earn money and maintain a profitable business.

What are some other benefits? A music business plan...

  • Provides structure for your business as it outlines how your business generally operates and is run from day to day.

  • Helps you create a custom marketing plan to achieve your business goals

  • Gives you a plan to overcome challenges

  • Gives you more clarity and hope for maintaining a successful business

  • Is a tool for obtaining financial support

In our bi-weekly Music Biz Clinic every other Thursday night, we will be writing a music business plan together. Join the notification squad to get text alerts every time we go live so you don't miss the next one!

Get the Template:

There is a template available so you don't have to create this document from scratch! Members, you can get this template for free! Access the Music Business template here.

Executive Summary...

Business Description...

Services & Products

Market Analysis

Business Model

Organization & Management

Financial Outlook


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