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Still Living!

Still Living!

Jul 04, 2023

I've been full-time freelance now for about Eight Months. It's been very interesting, very busy, many learning curves and I feel like a baby crawling my way through objectives, searching for my market, my people, my style, my self... Etc. I'll do my best to share a little more to BuyMeACoffee, I'd like it to be one of my chosen avenues by which to reach you, my audience. I hope for this, Artfinder.com, Saatchi, my Website www.jamesjcowland.com and my Mailing List to form a bit of a followers backbone of hubs. Currently it's Instagram but the feeling is that actually it's not as direct as Id like. This menu may change.. for now, enjoy some pictures, and if you can spare it, throw me some support and il honour you with the gold circle treatment. 👊

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