How to make a Tartiflette, with scallope ...

How to make a Tartiflette, with scalloped potatoes and cheese : French recipe in English

Jan 29, 2021

Cooking With Benoit is baking the great and iconic #Tartiflette from Savoie, #France, which is a typical dish from the #French #Alps. Enjoy and bon appétit !

- 2 1/2 lb (1 Kilo) cooked potatoes, peeled
- 50 grams (1 Tbl) butter
- 1/2 lb slab diced bacon, (400 grams lardons)
- 3 medium onions, sliced
- Sour cream
- 3/4 cup (20 cl)
- 3/4 cup (20 cl) dry white wine from Savoie
- Salt, pepper, ground Nutmeg (pinch)
- 1 lb (full round 1/2 kilo) raw milk Reblochon cheese sliced in two horizontally.

- Preheat oven at 375 F (200 C).
- Cook Potatoes in salty simmering water for 20-30 min.
- Melt butter in pan and add sliced onions and lardons until done.
- Remove cooked potatoes and peel in a pot of cold water to protect your hands.
- Slice potatoes and place one layer in baking pan 9X13
- Second layer of onion and lardon mix.
- Third layer sliced potatoes
- Fourth layer pepper, pour on white wine followed by a thin layer of sour cream.
- Fifth layer 2 halves of Reblochon cheese open side down (crust up)
- Bake for 20 min at 375 F (200 C) and then grill for 5 extra minutes.
- Serve with remaining chilled wine from Savoie and green salad.

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