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Mercury In Retrograde Is Wonderful!

Mercury In Retrograde Is Wonderful!

Jan 20, 2023

You’ll do yourself a whole lot of good if you cease being so surface when it comes to retrogrades.

You’re doing your self a disservice by regurgitating this, ‘things are going to be all bad during this time’ talk. You give more energy to this with every basic ass meme you share.

You, your mamma and you cousins might just be conjuring Egregore 1 and Egregore 2 sans the assistance of the Cat In the Hat.

You realize there’s always a spectrum right? Nothing is black and white.

You’re ignoring the work you should be doing during these retrogrades.

Perhaps if you did all of the work related, when retrogrades roll around things won’t be so terrible.

Perhaps you have talked yourself into a state saying ad nauseam; RETROGRADE BAD!!!

Another example of you creating adverse life circumstance through a belief you cultivated, most likely through ignorance about the actual full spectrum of the situation.

End of the day if you are not studying and practicing you are just going to fall victim to your own words and your mind.

Stop saying FML. Like why would you every utter that stupid shit to begin with?

– C. the Magickian

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