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scary times

scary times

Aug 02, 2022

Hey everyone its Connie here again :D

So some scary stuff happened to my channel to the point where I thought I could have lost it. I woke up yesterday and had an email that my channel had received a strike which only happens when you disobey to youtubes rules. I, before creating videos, read everything about making smoking content and understood that as long as im not providing links or making it easy for people to purchase cigarettes I should be fine! But, they still striked me because they thought my buy me a coffee link was leading to a cigarette products selling site. It was a whole mess and I'm not sure its fixed one hundred percent because the strike disappeared from my channel but they didnt email me or anything (after i sent like 10 emails and got no response back. Anyway, we'll see. I was super scared and anxious not gonna lie xD I hope this never happens again.

love u


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