1.0.1 Release version has been released

1.0.1 Release version has been released

Jan 19, 2023

New features and enhancements:

  •  LightGray theme

  •  Context menu theme

  •  Console history

  •  Error handling

  •  Command confirmation

  •  Unstaged/Staged areas filter

  •  Hunk operations reworked

  •  Search panel

  •  Commits to select option

  •  Jump to commit action


  • confirmation request before closing the Tab

  • automatic data upgrade from older versions to 1.0.1

  • folder dialog is added to the Clone command

  • fixed behavior for Splitter.Width parameter in Application.theme.xaml file

  • error handling is improved for git processes

  • confirmation request for “Delete remote branch” action in the Remotes area

  • confirmation request for “Delete branch” action in the Locals area

  • fixed problem with lost selection in the Unstaged area during the Stage/Unstage hunk operations 

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