Weekly Update...

Weekly Update...

Dec 12, 2021


Ok, there are new rules and regulations for visiting Lanzarote which seem to have affected those with kids especially. What it hasn't done, to our pleasant surprise, is stopped people coming altogether. Sure there's more paperwork and more hoops to jump through but those that have made it have been rewarded by some incredible weather. For those of you heading out this week we can only hope it stays just as it is for a while at least. We will have rain, we will have colder spells but not just yet!

Covid cases are just above the 200 mark the last I looked but it does seem as though the latest strain isn't as vicious as previous strains despite being more contagious. Again, after the 18 months we've had we can only hope to continue working. It's steady away at the Sunset Sessions for us and we're all really thankful that some of you are popping in to see us. We'll keep on streaming, keep on doing the drive through's and keep on pushing forward.

In other non-related news the volcano in La Palma seems to be easing. It's a beautiful island and it's so sad to see the absolute devastation caused. Hopefully by Christmas it'll have stopped altogether and the clear up can begin.

See you online Monday to Friday, for the drive though Wednesday and possibly Saturday morning and of course, if you're over here, then in person!


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