Wednesday Drive Through & Live Stream

Wednesday Drive Through & Live Stream

Aug 10, 2021


What better way to look forward to your next visit than a drive through PDC with Doris and Ethel followed by a few tunes from ( hopefully ) one of your favourite bands on Lanzarote?

We shall be starting somewhere around 7.30pm (19.30GMT) so make sure you're stocked up with alcohol and there are no visitors;-)

The gig in La Ola is going ahead by the way so if any of you are over here next Thursday we will be there in the flesh. It has been great to see Sue Haaaawley, David and Grace over and busy bars although someone got close enough to give me a cold!!! Hopefully I'll be back to full fitness tomorrow.

Take care and please stay sane throughout all this madness. I reckon we must be through it now fingers crossed.


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