Probably our best week to date...

Probably our best week to date...

Jan 30, 2022


When it rains, it pours... and that's certainly the case regarding work here on Lanzarote. I saw a few more bodies on the streets of PDC the last time I did a drive through which was last Saturday and sure enough this week's been our best yet I reckon. Certainly I'm struggling to remember one better which is great for everyone connected to Cafe la Ola. As far as CJ is concerned it's a case of working as much as we can in whatever capacity due to the pandemic. We're quietly confident that the light is now visible ahead of us but we're all taking it day by day and week by week at the moment. The only piece of the jigsaw as far as we're concerned would be a dance floor but it can't be too far off now. Cases are plummeting as fast as they rose here with 47 new cases and 220 recoveries today. That trend is set to continue as the Omicron wave subsides.

I apologise for not driving through PDC this week. With my good lady out of action and every trip out taking an age to complete, time just escapes me. My first thought is getting home and making sure everyone's ok. I'll see if I can do a quick run through this week after one of the gigs. Maybe tomorrow thinking about it.

Yet another calima has reached our shores which must be around half a dozen that have blighted us since Christmas. I'm afraid this one has taken my voice with it ( which may be a blessing to some thinking about it, lol;-) ). It's like singing in a sandstorm and Saturday in particular was crazy! Better weather is hopefully on the way with Tuesday the only doubt for those you lucky to be over next week.

What has been fabulous is the amount of well wishers and people who have thanked us for getting them through Lockdown. Some of those are seeing us for the first time and as we close in on 3800 Facebook Followers we are incredibly grateful of the support we received, receive and hope to receive going forward. We still have plans but until we get the go ahead then our hands are tied I'm afraid.

Ok, enough waffle! The contributions on here are still important to us, we still have to pay to stream and literally any coffee ( ahem;-)) on here helps so if you enjoy the gigs and you're flush you know what to do! Take care, stay clear of Covid and we'll see you soon.


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