Holiday, Drive Through return...

Holiday, Drive Through return...

May 23, 2022


Yep, the car's back!!! A grand total of 64€ for a rubber 'o' ring less than the diameter of a pencil. That's 0.01c for the part and 64€ for the knowledge of where to find it. Still, a huge relief and it means that the Drive Through will start again this week so make sure to stay tuned. It would've happened this Friday but the small matter of 'Ironman' block off the route through PDC.

I apologise for the late update too. I've been locked in my studio for two days working on improving my guitar tones and familiarising myself with the software involved. As you all know, I LOVE tekkie stuff!

Tourism is holding steady and we've been good, not amazing but good. Slow starts have grown and once again it's been absolutely brilliant to see a few familiar faces returning to the rock. The weather's been kind too, a mix of breezy days and clear blue skies. Stunning.

There are no changes to the streams this week either ( the wedding was great btw and we made it down there for 8pm! ) so we're back to our regular 6-8pm spot, Mon-Fri, Live from Lanzarote. The streams do cost us though so if you enjoy them and you'd like to throw us the odd 'coffee', only when you're able to, then please feel free to do so here.

Ok, that's it. Remember we're taking a break June 27th (maybe 28th?, lol;-)) to Thursday 7th (again, I'll have to find out whether we're actually playing on those dates or not as I'm going nowhere currently!)

Thank you again for being with us and take care, GxMxEx

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